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Stephanie Machula RN

Clinical Practice Leader

What’s your professional background/summary?

I am a Master’s prepared Registered Nurse with 9 years of experience in various settings including acute care, geriatrics, rehabilitation, community and nursing education. I have had the opportunity to work within various areas of nursing, including frontline, Clinical Education, Clinical Informatics and Professional Practice. I have held various positions including charge nurse, Advanced Practice Nurse and currently as CareHop’s Clinical Practice Leader. These roles have provided me with an opportunity to model clinical skills excellence and ensure that the care provided is reflective of evidence-based practices. I truly believe that if you let your passion drive you, there is no obstacle too high and no workload too strenuous to stop you from doing what you love!

Why did you decide to join CareHop?

While reading the CEO’s story of how CareHop came to be, I was immediately drawn to his humble spirit and passion for providing safe, high-quality care, while bringing joy along the way! Being part of a team that shares similar values and passions as myself is extremely important to me and makes work that much more meaningful!

What brings sunshine to you?

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a nurse is having the ability to connect with clients on such a personal level. Having worked in various healthcare settings, I have cared for people during some of the most vulnerable moments in their life. Knowing that my care, touch, voice, and time can help a client make it through the night is one of the most rewarding feelings. Sometimes, it’s the little things that you do for your client that make a difference!

What is the one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Having grandparents that grew up on a farm and had a love for horses inspired me at the age of 5 to begin a hobby of horseback riding. Every Saturday morning, my parents would drive me out to the stable for my weekly riding lesson which eventually evolved into me spending my summers teaching lessons to children and training horses in show jumping. Unfortunately, due to a serious riding accident, I was forced to quit my riding career, which lasted a joyful 18 years. Although I no longer have this hobby, my son has taken quite a liking for horses, which absolutely warms my heart!

What’s your favourite vacation place?

Hands down, my favourite place to travel is Aruba! Although the island is only 32 km long, it sure lives up to its slogan of being “One Happy Island”! From the delicious food to the perfect weather and the friendly people, I recommend travelling to Aruba at least once in your life…you will not regret it!

How has a senior impacted your life?

Having seen my grandfather suffer with Parkinson’s and dementia and quickly lose his independence, I gained a new appreciation for individuals having the ability to age in the comfort of their homes. With family support and a lot of patience, my grandfather was able to live his final years in the place where he felt most comfortable and in control. Knowing the importance of ageing at home, working within home care allows me to support other families and their loved ones to remain in their homes to age gracefully and with dignity.

Anything else would you like to add?

Every team member at CareHop consistently demonstrates a supportive, kind and welcoming attitude…I am happy and so proud to call them my second family!