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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia pose many challenges to families. When someone is diagnosed with these or a related condition, everyone in the family needs guidance and support.

Our caregivers are fully trained and qualified to provide thoughtful, respectful, and reflective assistance throughout your loved one’s memory care journey. Your caregiver will be thoughtfully matched to your family member to assure familiar, fruitful, and progressive care. Helping our clients and their families cope through Alzheimer’s and dementia diagnoses is one of our primary passions.

Nurse Helping Senior Man To Organize Medication On Home Visit

Perfect Matching

Our approach focuses upon getting to know your loved one and discovering their best care plan. We learn about their history, interest and hobbies, allowing your caregiver to provide optimal care. We connect with the person behind the disease by perfecting the matching process, finding your loved one their ideal caregiver. 

Senior man in nursing home talking with female nurse
Senior couple doing a jigsaw puzzle at home

Stimulating activities and exercises

Activities that inspire and engage help people living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Our caregivers find suitable exercises and enrichment activities to provide mental stimulation, connection, routine, and are in the client’s interests. It’s a joy to see how beneficial they are on a regular basis.

Personal support services

Keeping up with personal hygiene is important but may be challenging to those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Our professional caregivers are trained to use a calm, gentle & persuasive approach to assist them with daily living essentials and avoid agitation or other responsive behaviour. We can help with everything so your loved one can maintain a familiar routine in a safe environment.

Senior woman sitting in wheelchair at nursing home

Professional advice

Guidance to cope with challenging behaviour and issues


Improved communication

Techniques that promote better communication

Training and Education

Support to better understand your loved one’s condition

Bright, cheerful Care

Positivity and encouragement to keep us all moving forward

The process to receive services was quite easy. The manager visited our home, listened to our needs for our loved ones with dementia. They gave suggestions, and we made a plan. The PSW started the next week. She has unbelievable empathy and patience for her clients but also for the extended family. The PSW took her time to get to know her clients, supporting the change in their life and home. I can’t say enough about the process but specifically how wonderful and nurturing the PSW has been to our entire family.”

– Family Place

Nurse serving tea and biscuits to senior woman at home

Care for the family

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia can be devastating to the entire family. We understand the massive changes this diagnosis can bring and can help you understand what lies ahead as we take this journey together. The challenges will be ongoing, but so will our support as we strive to assist you in preserving the dignity of your loved one. We help you to support their ability to function throughout this life-changing process.

How it Works

Our process makes in-home care easier for your family.

Step 1

Contact our team

Fill out the form or call us 24/7 to book a free consultation with one of our care experts.

Step 2

Free Consultation

Talk to one of our experts to discuss care plan and options. The consultation is free of charge and there is no obligation.

Step 3

Arrange a Home Visit

Your loved one is matched with the perfect caregiver.

Step 4

Care Starts

Our caregiver visits your loved one. Urgent service is also available.