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Michael Lu

Founder & CEO

A Message From Our Founder, Michael Lu

I grew up with my grandmother in the 1970s in Shanghai, China. I was the last of the nine grandchildren that she helped raise. Some of my dearest memories surround my time spent enjoying her company – just the two of us. We talked, laughed, and enjoyed all of the little matters of life together. For over 10 years, she was my protection, and I was her joy. She passed away a year before I entered university, which I know she would have been deeply proud of, had she known.

My grandma was the inspiration for my start in the home care company, when faced with a career change in 2012. Through her, my vision was to create a care team and model that not only supports people in need to live safely at their homes, but also provides them with that joy along the way. Often I hear people saying,  “getting old is difficult,” and that is true. Let us make things a little easier for people in need, also for the families and the caregivers. Let us bring peace of mind and – most importantly – some sunshine into their homes. To us, “aging should be joyful”.