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Michael Lu

Founder & CEO

What’s your professional background/summary?

I have a background in business. I started as a shipping coordinator in an apparel equipment manufacturing company in Shanghai, China, in 1991. Two years later, that company sent me to Hong Kong to develop its overseas market and later run its subsidiary there. In 2001, my wife and I took an opportunity and immigrated to Canada with our son, who was six months old then. We landed in Montreal, so my wife and I could pursue our MBAs. We then moved to Toronto, where I worked as a Business Manager at Procter & Gamble for eight years before starting this business in health care. I enjoy solving problems by finding solutions that benefit all parties involved.

Why did you decide to start CareHop?

My grandma was my inspiration for starting this company. I was the last of the nine grandchildren that she helped raise. Some of my dearest memories surround my time spent with her. She was my protection, and I was her joy until she passed away the year before I entered university. When I entered the homecare field in 2012, I envisioned creating a care team with a model that supports people in need to live safely in their homes and provides them with joy along the way. We started by focusing on dementia care, expanded to Paediatrics Nursing Care and Complex & Continuing Care, and rebranded as CareHop Nursing & Home Care in 2020. We deliver timely, reliable, high-quality care to give families peace of mind while bringing joy and sunshine into their homes.

What brings sunshine to you?

I enjoy seeing the perfect match happening between caregivers and clients. We focus on recruiting genuinely caring caregivers and cultivating a supportive team culture to support them. Caregivers are matched with clients based on their skills, experiences, and personalities.  As a result, we see happy clients, happy families and happy caregivers who enjoy caring for their clients. That’s when the magic happens.

What’s your favourite meal or vacation place?

I enjoy cooking eggs and vegetables and making sourdough bread. I don’t seem to get tired of them, at least for now. I have a dream of visiting Tibet on a backpacking trip. However, I am still working on convincing my wife to make this a vacation.