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Kimberly, one of our CareHop RPNs, has short black hair and a grey hoodie on.

Kimberly Thompson RPN

Caregiver of the month May

Kimberly has gone above and beyond for her clients, and the CareHop team has recognized her hard work in hopes to honour her dedication. Kimberly is an amazing nurse to her clients. She recently pointed out an early infection in one of her clients, which led to early treatment. Kimberly strives to continue her professional development by attending trainings that are provided through CareHop. Her eagerness for knowledge and growth is an inspiration to the team. It is an honour to have Kimberly on our team.

What brings you sunshine?

My children- 3 girls.

Share a fun fact about yourself

I love playing dominoes.

What makes you proud to be a caregiver?f

I’m proud making a positive difference in another person’s life.