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Christine Amat, a CareHop RPN, looks at the camera with long dark hair and a grey sweater.

Christine Amat RPN

Caregiver of the month April

It is a fact to anyone who witnesses Christine interacting with her client, your heart will be filled with warmth. Christine has a skill of building a beautiful bond with her clients. She is very attentive and has a compassionate disposition when caring for her client and the family. We hear compliments from parents where they also place their complete trust in Christine. Christine is a very dependable nurse who is always willing to help out in any way that she can. She is very proactive and likes to think ahead to provide excellent care. Her documentation is always clear and descriptive as well.

What brings you sunshine?

My 3 sons brings me sunshine.

Share fun fact about yourself

I am terrified of dogs. I have 1 ice capp a day.
I love to shop.

What makes you proud to be a Caregiver?

The reason I am a proud Caregiver is to see the smile on my patients parents faces after I provide the best care to their child.