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About CareHop

In-Home Elder Care that Brings Sunshine into Your Life

Carehop is committed to providing more than quality in-home elder care. We specialize in adding joy and fulfillment to your loved one’s life by empowering them to do the things they love the most. Our caregivers are there to make our clients happy by bringing support – and sunshine – into their homes every day. It’s what we do best!

Senior woman greeting female care worker making home visit


To become the most compelling health care service provider in Ontario


We provide reliable, timely and quality client-centred services to improve client and family experience, advance population health, reduce per capita health care costs and improve staff well-being.

Code of Ethics and professional conduct

  1. Care
    We care about our own actions and their impact on self-development, people around us and the ones we provide service to.
  2. Just
    “Just culture” is our foundation for balanced accountability and patient safety. In this system, honest human mistakes are seen as a learning opportunity for both
    the individual and the organization.
  3. Trust
    Trust is the result of Care and Just.
  4. Teamwork
    We achieve greater results, together.
  5. Mastery
    We support our staff to be the greatest they want to achieve.


1Be Proactive

We take a proactive approach to living lives and solving problems. We choose our actions and take responsibility.

2Master Effective Listening

It goes beyond listening and includes observing and understanding what others are saying and not saying. For us, listening is a competency for caring.

3Seek ‘Win-Win and Win”

We drive for the right solution that benefits all parties among the Quadruple Aim (improving patient experience, population health, team well-being and reducing cost). It’s not an easy task but we won’t settle until we find one.

Client Bill of Rights

As a client, patient, family member, substitute decision-maker or caregiver, you have the right to expect that every CareHop employee.

Female nurse taking care of senior female patient at retirement home

A Message From Our Founder, Michael Lu

I grew up with my grandmother in the 1970s in Shanghai, China. I was the last of the nine grandchildren that she helped raise. Some of my dearest memories surround my time spent enjoying her company – just the two of us. We talked, laughed, and enjoyed all of the little matters of life together. For over 10 years, she was my protection, and I was her joy. She passed away a year before I entered university, which I know she would have been deeply proud of, had she known.

My grandma was the inspiration for my start in the senior care company, when faced with a career change in 2012. Through her, my vision was to create a care team and model that not only supports seniors to age safely at home, but also provides them with that joy along the way. Often I hear seniors saying,  “getting old is difficult,” and that is true. Let us make things a little easier for them, also for the families and the caregivers. Let us bring peace of mind and – most importantly – some sunshine into their homes. 


Prompt Response

Your caregiver will be at your door within the same day, ready to start your Care Plan.


We answer your call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for continuous service and answers to your questions

Qualified Support Staff

Our PSWs are all certified and our nurses are fully registered with good standings.


Thorough Screenings

Our fully qualified caregivers are thoroughly screened with comprehensive background checks.

Flexible Plans

Carehop Care Plans are easily adjusted to meet your loved one’s changing needs so they’re always content

Quality Care, Anywhere

We bring sunshine to wherever you call home – your own residence, hospital room, or long-term or assisted-living facilities


Our entire Carehop team is part of your loved one’s community, and work with many local causes and foundations

Peace of Mind

Our caregiver take the worry out of elder care, ensuring that all of your loved one’s needs are met

Complete In-home Care

Whatever you need, our team will hop to the challenge! Whether you need 24-hour health care or physical rehab assistance, help around the house, wholesome meals prepared, or just someone to sit and talk to, we’ll ensure you’re well looked after, comfortable, and content.

Nurse and senior man in wheelchair during home visit.
physiotherapist with senior woman using exercise machine

Care Matched to Your Needs

You’ll be spending a lot of time with our caregivers, so we’ve set up a matching system that will ensure you get someone your loved one can build a trusting, friendly relationship with. If you feel the match isn’t quite right, we’ll immediately find a substitute to bring your family complete peace of mind.

Fully Managed Care Plans

We’re here to work with you! Our team will perform a complete assessment of your loved one’s needs to create a tailored Carehop Care Plan to ensure their needs are met. The care plan is developed with client and the family to meet the care goal. We’ll do reassessment to make sure the goals are met, all while keeping you informed. The family has real time access to witness the care schedule and progress. Don’t let aging stop you from doing the things you love and we’ll love to do it with you!

Medical worker explaining the treatment

What happens during our in-home care consultation?

We believe that for every need – there is a solution that will bring sunshine into your loved one’s home!

Our Carehop in-home consultation is an opportunity to meet your family and discover all about the physical and psycho-social needs of your loved one. We can then tailor a customized Carehop Care Plan that will ensure those needs are well-looked after and provide recommendations that we feel will enhance the joy in their life.

We come to you, whether you want to meet in your home, at your loved one’s residence, or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

Our plans are completely confidential, and open to your questions and feedback. We’re here to help because our goal is the same as yours: to ensure the elder in your life is happy, contented, and cared for.

Our in-home care consultation is free, and there is no obligation.

How it Works

Our process to helping your loved ones continue to live at home makes in-home care easier for your family.

Step 1

Contact our team

Fill out the form or call us 24/7 to book a free consultation with one of our care experts.

Step 2

Free Consultation

Talk to one of our experts to discuss care plan and options. The consultation is free of charge and no obligation.

Step 3

Arrange a Home Visit

Your loved one is matched with the perfect caregiver.

Step 4

Care Starts

Our caregiver visits your loved one. Urgent service is also available.