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Michelle Prear

Administrative Manager

What’s your professional background/summary?

Currently, I am the Human Resource and Administration Manager at CareHop. I make sure all the fine details and critical tasks are taken care of and help things run smoothly. Prior to this role, most of my career was as an IT Operations Manager helping ensure our clients were supported and our teams working effectively to resolve their computer issues.

Why did you decide to join CareHop?

I was looking for a role outside of IT and this one pulled at my heartstrings. It was a role that utilized my skills and CareHop was a company with heart.

What brings sunshine to you?

I am happiest when I am surrounded by those I love. I enjoy quality time with friends and family. Doing something to help someone is also something that brightens my day.

What is the one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Pigs… but you might not know that!

What’s your favourite meal or vacation place?

My favourite vacation place is Portugal. I call myself a rental as I have no Portuguese background but most of my friends are Portuguese. I have been lucky enough to visit there almost 20 times. Sun, good food and great people, what more could you ask for in a vacation spot!

How has a senior impacted your life?

I am grateful to have my Mom and watching how strong and independent she is through all these changes in life is inspiring. With guidance from members of my CareHop team, I have learned how to help support her and that in turn has helped me deal with all her changes as well. It is another chapter in our lives and we live and learn to adjust and enjoy it together.

Anything else would you like to add?

CareHop provides help to all our clients as well as their families and caregivers that support them, so it is a full circle of support!