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Amandeep Gill RPN

Caregiver of the month October

Amandeep is our caregiver of the month for October! She always goes above and beyond for every client she encounters and ensures that her clients receive the best care! One recent example was when her client had forgotten their medication at home and there was no one in the family that could assist. Amandeep knew that this medication was very important for the client to receive and a dose could not be missed. With consent from the family, Amandeep went with the client home to get their medication and ensured to follow-up with the family afterwards to let them know the client arrived safe and received their medication. Amandeep always wants to make sure her clients receive the care they require, even when faced with challenges and is able to come up with solutions in a timely and effective manner. Thank you Amandeep for all that you do! We want her to know that we, the clients, and the client’s families are very fortunate to have her.